ARIO Pomegranate Co is one of the highest suppliers & manufacturers and one of the most qualified exporters of Pomegranate Juice Concentrate in the world.

Our concentrate is nutritious, delicious and safe. international organizations for quality control check directly all of our activities from gathering Iranian fresh pomegranates, washing, seeding, juice extraction, Pasteurizing, filtration, Condensing, Sterilization, packaging, Maintenance, fumigating inspects and loading into containers.

Our pomegranate juice concentrate is standardized by degrees Brix and can be modified to fit your unique application. Our concentrates are produced with quality in mind and as a result, are slightly processed to sanctuary high color and flavor. Fruit juice concentrates are stored frozen and are obtainable with or without added essence. Try them out in a beverage, or as a sugar replacer in other applications, or as a way to strengthen natural color or flavor to a current formula!

Our pomegranate juice concentrate is also Organic, Natural, Pure, Health and rich of valuable Nutrition and health benefits. To attain customers’ satisfaction, we will Guarantee the quality of our pomegranate juice concentrate because our main goal is to supply and transfer products with the best quality and purity.

Trust us and we will accomplish your orders. We know that we are judged by our performance, so we endeavor for your trust.

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