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Pomegranate Concentrate

What is Pomegranate juice concentrate?

Pomegranate juice concentrate, one of processed products from organic pomegranate juice that produced by full automatic and modern machines. This produce Condensed natural, high quality, healthy and transparent pomegranate juice and according to the standard process increase brix up to 60. Our organic pomegranate juice concentrate use as a base material in the preparation of desserts and drinks.


Pomegranate juice concentrate production process

In Ario co, based on the interests of consumer and all of our company is to provide high quality and with global standard productions. Our natural pomegranate juice concentrate production process includes:

  • First stage: Sorting and washing pomegranate
  • Second stage: separation of seeds and skin without breaking the seeds.
  • Third stage: the initial filtering of pomegranate juice.
  • Step Four: Pasteurization system; at this point we heating pomegranate juice indirectly by steam up to 90°C, then followed by cooling tower (ing towercool) cool temperature to 35°C. 
  • Step Five: transfer pasteurized product to storage tanks containing to add enzyme and earn transparency and quality control verification.
  • Step Six: filteration include ultra-filter, Vacuum filters and gezilger filter.
  • Step Seven: Condensing and increase brix up to 65%.
  • Step Eight: Sterilization, first increase concentrate temperatures up to 108°C, then reduce temperature to 24°C. 
  • Step nine: packing Sterilized product package by filler in 220 liters (285 Kg) bags and the bags are move in barrels. 
  • Step ten: Maintenance; barrels containing product immediately transferred to the morgue and at -18 degrees Celsius below zero held. 


Quality of pomegranate juice concentrate:

 Food safeness is the right of all consumers in every social class; The collection ARIO business with great effort, knowledge, taking advantage of the expertise and commitment, technology, packaging of the products in order to supply the best products among the worldwide consumers. It might be interesting for you that pomegranate juice concentrate (our product) is 100% natural and organic. This product is gathered from pomegranate orchards that absolutely not use Vegetable pesticides and our product due to advanced production line and quality of pomegranate, have high quality in taste, odor and color. 


Nutritional value of Pomegranate Juice concentrate:

 Is same as Pomegranate Juice. Our product is 100% natural and pure pomegranate juice, so full of energy and nutrients for food producers is very valuable.  The processed products of pomegranate juice, is a rich source of vitamin C, B5, K, potassium, fiber, zinc, pantothenic acid, and antioxidants. It might be interesting for you that regular consumption of pomegranate and its products, prevent heart disease and breast cancer, reduce cholesterol levels, and cell damage. These products are valuable at anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of hardening arteries. It also regulates blood sugar and prevent weight gain. 


Benefits Pomegranate Juice Concentrate:

 Pomegranate juice concentrate as a commercial product is well known in many countries. Large pharmaceutical companies, health products and edible skin and hair, considered as buyers and consumers of this product. Our produce has unique features and benefits, that benefits has a significant impact on the value of our product. Some of these benefits include: 

Flavor and aroma of fresh fruit: Our pomegranate juice are produced without breaking the seeds, so natural pomegranate flavor is retained. Pomegranate Juice concentrate we are pretty standard and fully automated process. 

High values of food and medical benefits:

  • Easy to use: Pomegranate Juice Concentrate easily when consumed by adding a solvent, (typically water) and consume returned to its original state. 
  • Low weight: Pomegranate juice concentrate advantages is its Low weight
  • Easy to transportation.  
  • Marketing high durability
  • Availability in all the years


Pomegranate Juice ConcentratePackage

 Our pomegranate juice in aseptic bags of 280 kg and 220-liter steel barrels are kept. This method of packaging has led us to make our pomegranate juice concentrate with the best quality and export to 6 continents annually. 

Manufacturer and exporter of pomegranate juice concentrate:

Trading Company ARIO is one of the main suppliers and one of exporters with experience in the fruit and its products such as pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice concentrate, pomegranate seeds, frozen, seed oil, pomegranate and pomegranate seeds, dried with best quality and competitive price in Iran. ARIO business of its interests in order to put on consumer interests and All efforts of company is the fact that Iran has a unique status among global consumer. 

We know that we judged by our performance, so to get first at this position, we steadily working. 


Pomegranate Concentrate Terms

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Sorting and Washing

Sorting and Washing

Separation Process

Separation Process

Pasteurization System

Pasteurization System

The Quality System

 Quality System

Sterilized Packing

Sterilized Packing